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15 Of The Funniest Things People Have Ever Done While Their Brains Were In Autopilot

tweets about brain fog and being on autopilot.

The human brain is amazing at multi-tasking, but sometimes we get in trouble when we try to do too much at once.

Have you ever driven home from work without remembering every turn you made to get there? Looked for your glasses when they were perched atop your head? If you’re like most people, the answer is yes! When a Twitter user asked about the strangest thing people have done while their brains were seemingly on autopilot, everyone seemed to have a story to share. Here are a few replies that have us saying, “same!”

1. Been there, done that, and we have the chilly mobile phone to prove it.

2. Sounds like something we would do.

3. Does this make them a… cereal killer?

4. Let us know if you find it.

5. As a customer, we always suspected this was happening behind the scenes.

6. This is not the recommended way to care for a coffee maker.

7. How’d the plate taste?

8. If we had a nickel for everytime we’ve attacked our own eyeballs in search of absent contact lenses….

9. Note to self: Make sure your beverages never match your painting.

10. How tired to you have to be? Answer: all the way tired.

11. Tell us you’re old-school without saying you’re old-school.

12. As if we needed another reason to dislike Covid.

13. This is what happens when you let your brain drive you home.

14. Sounds like a rude awakening!

15. They just described every night in our house!

People talk about mindfulness and living in the moment, and that practice seems to have pragmatic uses in addition to mental health benefits. Let’s use these tweets as a reminder to slow down and pay attention to our surroundings. Also, if something in your house is lost, it pays to check the fridge.

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