15 Elderly Dogs Who Are Still The Best Boys And Girls In The World

As the saying goes, “Growing old is mandatory, but growing up is optional.”

Dogs seem to be born with that motto in mind! Even as their fur turns gray and their bodies get a bit arthritic, these good boys and girls still manage to keep their cheerful, loving demeanor through thick and thin. Check out these 15 precious canines below and get ready to smile!

1. “Shadow (14 years old) is my handsome old man. He used to be completely black with a little bit of white.”


2. Boots is a gentle senior who helps new kittens get used to being around dogs at the Arizona Humane Society.

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3. Louie is 16 and always makes this face when he’s about to get treats.

4. Good boy, Cody!

5. His human thought he needed driving lessons when he turned 16, but the pupper doesn’t look too sure!

6. This 15-year-old dog’s owner said he is “the happiest boy alive.” We can see it!

7. “My 10+yo dog likes to sleep on my legs. I made her this out of some of my old jeans for her to sleep on while I’m at work.”

8. He’s 18 years old and still loves the stuffed frog he got at age 4.

9. Benji needs a little help getting around these days, but he’s just as sweet and happy as ever.

10. Link is 10. He acts like a puppy and adores giving kisses.

11. Shadow just turned 17!

12. “Diesel (9) is turning 10 this month, and he’s melting from all the excitement!”

13. Wynton, an adorable 13-year-old, still heads out for regular walkies with Grandpa. Check out those matching outfits!

14. Put was born deaf and is now partially blind at age 16. Here he is on his first trip to the beach. We think he liked it!

15. Last but certainly not least, August became the oldest golden retriever in history after celebrating her 20th birthday!

Look how sweet they are! This is why we love old dogs just as much as little puppies. They’ve been our constant companions for decades, after all, and they still manage to enrich our lives every single day!

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