Shelter Cat With “Saddest Eyes” Can’t Stop Purring When Forever Mom Brings Him Home.

When a woman named Sandra saw the Animal Humane Society’s adoption listing for Bruce Willis, a ginger cat, his photo tugged at her heartstrings.


The 6-year-old feline had been wandering the streets of Minnesota for years before ending up at the shelter, where he quickly became known as the “saddest cat.” But Sandra saw something else in him – a desire to love and be loved!

Bruce arrived with a host of health problems, including chipped teeth and a healed eye injury. He also tested positive for feline immunodeficiency virus, but none of that could keep Sandra from visiting him again and again.

“He looked even sadder in real life than in the picture, and this broke my heart,” she said.

While she never planned to adopt him because her landlord didn’t allow pets, she couldn’t stop thinking about the cat with sad eyes.

When a month went by and he still hadn’t found his forever home, Sandra knew she would have to talk to her landlord.

Surprisingly enough, they made an exception for Bruce! All it took was one look at his picture to change their mind. The very next day, Sandra brought him home for good. Ten minutes later, he was purring up a storm!

“He didn’t stop purring all night,” Sandra said later. “Since that day, he’s been following me around no matter where I go.”

Still, his adjustment period wasn’t easy. There were medications to administer, expensive vet bills to pay, and food allergies and behavioral issues to tackle.

But today, a little over a year after Bruce’s adoption, he’s the happiest he’s ever been…

…not to mention the handsomest!

Bruce wouldn’t be the sweet, affectionate purr machine he is today if Sandra hadn’t given him a chance! As for the selfless cat mom, she wouldn’t feel complete without her snuggle buddy by her side.

It just goes to show that with a little love and care, all our furry friends can live their best, happiest lives. Bruce certainly couldn’t have found a better one with Sandra!

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