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15 Dogs Who Gave Bees A Try And Are Full Of Regret

Dogs don’t have hands, so they use their mouths to explore their world.

Sometimes that means they get into things they shouldn’t, like the unfortunate puppers in the pictures below. All they wanted to do was taste the tempting flying insects they saw outside, but once they did, they suffered unexpected consequences! Take a look at these regretful faces and try not to laugh at their plight.

1. His face is now wider than his entire body.

2. Poor fella is so puffed up he doesn’t even want to close his mouth.

3. Aw, poor little guy can barely keep those eyes open.

4. He went from real dog to cartoon dog in five seconds.

5. Regrets… he has a few.

6. What did we say about eating the spicy flies? (Hint: Don’t. We said don’t eat them!)

7. Didn’t anyone tell you that bees bite back?

8. “Stung by a wasp. Now she looks like Gonzo.”

9. The vet says he’ll be fine, but his face says he has his doubts.

10. Sometimes you boop the snoot, sometimes it boops you.

11. This goofy guy looks like he would do it again in a heartbeat.

12. “How embarrassing. This is so undignified.”

13. This handsome fluffy boi is even fluffier than usual.

14. What was he supposed to do, just ignore the bee? Where’s the fun in that?

15. You should see the other guy!

Looks like the bees won this round! Don’t worry, none of these pups suffered any permanent damage. We don’t know if the same can be said for their egos, but at least physically, they were fine. Nothing a little doggy Benadryl won’t fix!

Has your dog ever been stung by a bee? Share this story and start the conversation with your friends.

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