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Woman’s Crow Friend Brings Surprise Guests To Meet Her, Delighting Everyone.

A family of crows visits a woman at her home.

A woman on Reddit is sharing the heartwarming story of her unique friendship with a local crow as it unfolds, and her readers are hooked. She has named the crow “Buddy” and regularly gives them treats. Seven months ago, she reported that the bird had actually learned to say their own name. She even shared a video of the crow repeating, “Buddy! Buddy!”

Recently, the Reddit user added a new update to her tale. She wrote that the crow turned up outside her window one day with a special surprise. As the woman went outside with some healthy food for her friend, she realized that Buddy had brought her kids for a visit.

“I found out Buddy is a girl and she brought me her babies,” wrote the woman. “She introduced all five of them to me, and they all came to the ground for a little snack. I am delighted.”

She continued, “At first, I didn’t know what was happening. I just turned and sat in my chair outside across from them and watched. Mama Buddy convinced each one to join her. Any time she would gather food in her mouth, they all would surround her with their hungry cawing mouths. That’s when I realized she was bringing the babies. She turned around cooed at me one more time, and they flew off together.”

According to Upworthy, the baby crows also have names. Since a group of crows is called a “murder,” the woman decided to name each little bird after a different famous serial killer – though she did recognize that some people might be bothered by the dark joke.

Still, Reddit users continue to be enraptured with the original poster’s crow anecdotes. Many have expressed their delight in the comments, some saying that they wish they could make friends with a bird. Others have responded by recounting their own experiences with local wildlife.

It’s truly amazing how animals and humans can find ways to communicate!

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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