15 Swoon-Worthy Before And After Photos Of Dogs Who Are All Grown Up

Any pet parent knows that one of the hardest things about having a dog is how quickly they grow out of their puppyhood.

But we also know just how fun it is to be part of their journey, from a tiny puppy chasing squirrels and tripping over their own legs, all the way to a wise, old dog reading our minds and loving on us when we need it most. Here are 15 before and after photos to remind you just how lovable they are at every age!

1. From tiny pit bull to full-grown adult in just one year!

2. A corgi getting kookier with age.

3. Giant in body, but tiny at heart.

4. A Samoyed for all seasons.

5. Year in, year out, this Aussie still eagerly awaits his potty-training.

6. Never too old to be held like a baby.

7. New year, same pose.

8. Almost looks like there’s a human beneath all that dog.

9. A goldendoodle never outgrows a cuddle.

10. This spring, cable knit beanies are going to be IT.

11. The cutest glow-up you ever did see.

12. Girl’s best friend through and through!

13. OK, who’s the funny guy who switched out my boots?

14. Honestly, how was she ever as tiny as this pink sweater?!

15. BFFs for life.

No matter the size and no matter the age, we can’t get enough of our pups. We may never know what we did to deserve dogs, but we sure are lucky to have ’em!

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