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15 Adorable Dogs Who Decided Walking Is Overrated

man on a motorcycle carrying a dog that is wearing rainbow sunglasses on his back in a backpack and pomeranian sitting inside of a bag with a portable fan attached that is blowing air on them

Dogs are often left alone when their parents go out, but sometimes we just need (or want) our pups to come along. Finding a way to transport our furry friends can be tricky, but some pet parents have found that carrying their canines in a bag is quite helpful (and adorable).

This mode of transportation is required in certain locations, but no matter their reason for doing it, people find dogs in bags to be so cute that the Instagram account @bagdogs is dedicated to sharing photos of exactly that – dogs in bags! Below are some of our favorites.

1. Looks like someone just spotted a friend!

2. Sure, he’s embarrassed right now, but he’ll grow out of it eventually.

3. They may or may not be silently judging us all.

4. This stylish pup is really going places!

5. Only the coziest of bags for this sweet dog!

6. A giant dog or a floating floof head? This is truly one of life’s greatest mysteries.

7. We envy everyone who gets the honor of sitting next to this magnificent creature on the subway.

8. It’s this dog’s world… we’re all simply living in it.

9. This dog deserves all of the cuddles.

10. It’s been a long day.

11. Best bag-dog besties!

12. This impressive pup has reached a level of coolness the rest of us can only dream of.

13. Happy dogs are the best dogs!

14. Tell us your dog is spoiled without telling us your dog is spoiled…

15. The rebellion has begun.

Dogs may not always be the biggest fans of being carried around in a bag, but with over 1,200 posts and nearly 100,000 followers on a page dedicated to just that, one thing is for sure: They’re so dang adorable when they allow it! Each of these pups is insanely cute, but which one was your favorite?

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