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15 Absurd Animal Calls That Will Have You Howling

alligator with human hand on its chin next to penguin on snow

There’s nothing quite like the tranquility of taking a walk through nature… that is, until you begin hearing strange, unknown sounds.

Maybe it was just your imagination, or maybe it was one of these majestic animals! As it turns out, they can make some pretty weird noises sometimes. Enjoy some of our favorite oddball creatures (from a distance) below!

1. In case you were still wondering what a fox sounds like.

2. Imagine the chaos of a group of these birds gathered in a busy parking lot, all of whom are making this noise.

3. Alligators can purr. That is all.

4. Turns out, koalas communicate through a wide range of weird and adorable noises.

5. If you ever think you’re hearing someone screaming in the middle of the night, it might just be a fisher cat.

6. Here’s your friendly reminder that cheetahs are too dangerous to pet no matter how cute and bird-like they may sound.

7. Penguins have built-in auto-tune, and we love them all the more for it.

8. If a mountain lion’s appearance isn’t enough to make someone leave them alone, their ability to let out terrifying screams should do the trick.

9. Beethoven the beluga whale is such a good boy!

10. The bullfrog’s call is quite ribbiting, if we do say so ourselves.

11. Whatever she’s excited about, we’re very happy for her.

12. Reason number 1,000,001 as to why we need to save the bees: the honeybee queen’s “toot.”

13. We wonder what’s so funny to this little guy!

14. Thanks to this impala’s keen vision and loud call, it was able to warn its herd of a nearby lioness!

15. Lyrebirds are some of the most impressive mimics on earth!

Sure, these animals can make some pretty weird (and terrifying) noises, but even the scary ones are pretty darn adorable. We’ll just make sure to give them space and then some!

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