15 Times Doctors And Veterinarians Understood The Assignment

doctor dressed for surgery as he pretends to perform surgery on a child's teddy bear and combination dog house and fish tank with a door mat that says "wipe your paws" inside of a vet clinic

Whether you’re a human or an animal, an adult or a child, going to the doctor is something most us absolutely dread… and sometimes even avoid at all costs.


Thankfully, doctors and veterinarians don’t take this too personally. In fact, they totally understand! That’s why so many are willing to do whatever they can to make our visits fun. Or, at the very least, not so terrible. People online love to share these moments, so we’ve gathered some of their most heartwarming and funny visits below!

1. “Kitty got a boo boo and the vet made his body cast look like a little shirt and tie.”

2. Is this part of the eye exam?

3. “Friend’s daughter is afraid of monsters in her closet. The doctor had the pharmacy fill this for her.”

4. “Went to my local vet clinic to drop off my dog for surgery and was surprised to see this awesome fish tank/dog house!”

5. Babies who are born during the Christmas season at this hospital become the most adorable stocking stuffers ever!

6. Because who couldn’t use a little humor during moments when this chart is necessary?

7. “In Spanish-speaking countries, the tooth fairy is a mouse (Ratoncito Pérez). This is my dentist office.”

8. “We really take post op care seriously at my job. Cuddles is the best medicine.”

9. “Patient asks if I can also fix teddy bear just before being put off to sleep… how could I say no?”

10. “This was outside my local vets office. It made my day and I hope it makes yours.”

11. “My cousin’s costume. He’s a dentist… and yes, he’s at work.”

12. “My local dentist has a ceiling ‘Where’s Wally?’ for patients during appointments.”

13. “Had to get my blood drawn today. This was on the wall at the lab.”

14. “Dropped her off at the vet as a dog. Picked her up from the vet as a taco.”

15. This hospital in Croatia turned their MRI machine into a submarine and decorated the room to look like an ocean so little kids wouldn’t be so afraid!

The best part of going through all of these stories about visiting the doctor is that we didn’t have to go ourselves. But in all seriousness, we’re so grateful for the doctors and vets of the world, and we can’t thank them enough for going above and beyond for their patients!

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