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Break Out The Earplugs For The Best-Worst Rendition Of “Jingle Bells” Ever Played.

school band plays Jingle Bells

Parents are used to sitting through band and theater performances that are, let’s just say, not quite ready for prime time. It just goes with the territory, and it’s important to support our children’s interest in the arts.

However, we don’t think we’ve ever been subjected to quite the level of audible torture as these parents in a resurfaced video from 2009. In the clip, we see a long-suffering band teacher addressing the advanced and beginner bands at Bridle Path and Kulp Elementary Schools in Montgomeryville, Pennsylvania. The crowd is packed with moms and dads who are eager to hear what their kids have been working on, but from the moment the band starts playing, they realize something isn’t quite right.

Now, we’re no Mariah Carey, but this version of “Jingle Bells” sounds just a teensy bit off-key. You can see parents turning to one another and trying to contain their snickers as the solos segue into a rousing chorus of squeaking clarinets, honking horns, and off-beat drums punctuated by crashing cymbals. Just when you think they couldn’t sound worse, they do. When they wrap up their wonky version of the holiday favorite, many parents stand up and clap wildly, most likely just grateful that it’s over.

Hey, at least they tried! You’ve got to start somewhere, and there’s plenty of room for improvement here. Take a listen in the video below, and don’t say we didn’t warn you! Don’t forget to share this story to make someone smile.

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