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15 Delightfully Relatable Work Memes To Pass The Time From 9 to 5

work memes

Work is a huge part of life, but that doesn’t mean we have to be 100 percent serious all the time!

Studies show that tasteful humor has a place in the workplace. Cracking a joke or two not only relieves stress, it makes others enjoy working with you and puts coworkers at ease. A well-timed quip can also build trust, boost morale, and increase creativity among workers. Here are a few totally safe-for-work memes to get you started!

1. Try not to get too overwhelmed by all that excitement.

2. Just look at the bright side…

3. Well, this is awkward.

4. “I’ve made a huge mistake.”

5. Why does the boss always have to be such a stickler?

6. It’s good to be honest. Maybe not this honest, though.

7. The only acceptable answer is “Yeah, I know that guy! He’s the worst!”

8. In our defense, you’ve got to get the punctuation just right or the whole email is ruined!

9. Using the benefits he was given? This guy has some nerve.

10. We couldn’t call it “honest,” but let’s not argue semantics.

11. Maybe it’s time to start looking for a new job in a new city where no one knows about this incident.

12. If the table starts shaking, we’re out of here.

13. “Per my last email….”

14. We can all sleep at night knowing the CEO made bank. Can’t we?

15. Hire this man immediately!

We can feel our morale getting boosted as we speak! Looking at funny memes on your lunch break might not make your work day more fun, but at least it helps the time pass a little bit faster.

Share these memes with someone who understands the daily grind and could use a good laugh!

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