15 People Who Nailed The Book Face Challenge So Well, We Can’t Believe Our Eyes

Have you ever spotted a familiar face while perusing the shelves of your local bookstore or library? If so, you might be the perfect candidate to participate in a new internet trend called #BookFace challenge!


This web challenge asks people to find books with faces on the cover, hold the book up to your face, and snap a picture. The intention is to have the images line up so perfectly, viewers can’t tell where the book ends and the real person begins.

1. France’s leading independent bookstore, The “Librairie Mollat,” was one of the first booksellers to post Book Face Challenge images on social media.

2. They asked their patrons to take the challenge, and dozens of them said, “yes!”

3. This bookstore is hugely popular, boasting over 300,000 titles in various formats on their shelves.

4. So finding the perfect cover for your Book Face Challenge picture should be no sweat!

5. Sharing Book Face Challenge photos has helped this bookstore increase their Instagram followers.

6. Before the challenge, they only had about 28,000 fans. Now, they’ve got close to 100,000.

7. People really get into the Book Face Challenge.

8. Many dress in the same colors as the figures on the book. Or in this case, they don’t dress at all!

9. The covers range from serious to incredibly silly.

10. It’s really incredible how well some people blend in with the books.

11. Sometimes we can’t even tell where the image ends, and the person begins.

12. Other times, it’s a little bit easier to tell.

13. We’re not sure if the Book Face Challenge helps with the store’s sales, but we’d personally have to buy a book if we found the perfect match!

14. Just for the sheer coolness of it all!

15. No cakes were hurt in the making of this image!

What a fun way to get more books front-and-center on social media! We’re all for anything that helps people connect with literature.

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