15 Deceptively Adorable Cats Who Are Secretly Hardened Criminals

cat drinking from water pitcher, cat climbing curtains

Anyone who lives with a cat knows they have a penchant for chaos.

Author Premee Mohamed recently voiced a common theme about cats on Twitter, and the thread really blew up. Strangers from all over chimed in with stories of their own whiskered little “criminals.” One thing was clear from the responses: cats can be destructive, temperamental, and mischievous, but they’re so cute we’d let them get away with murder!

1. Premee’s tweet about the crime rate in her house going up “40,000%” struck a chord with the Twitterverse.

2. Everyone has a story of their cats causing trouble at home.

3. Some of these stories are all-too-familiar for most cat owners.

tweet says: We have two Maines. They are a heist crew with a penchant for leaving little rubber ball toys right where you are going to step on them.

And then they look at you like this. "Who, me? It was clearly my sister."

4. It’s like cats have a secret society to plan their crimes against humanity.

tweet says This one alone has a laundry list of garden variety crimes, but my personal favorite is when he drops a toy mouse into the water bowl just to slap it around in the water, pull it back out, and leaving it sopping wet somewhere for me to step on

5. They’re certainly following the same playbook.

tweet says Locked mama cat out of the bedroom last night, so she brought her favorite toys from downstairs and played loudly all night right outside the door.

6. Also, not sure if you knew this, but two cats wreak even more havoc than one.

7. It’s like they’re coordinating their efforts, which we’ve always suspected.

8. Yep, cats can definitely be annoying. What is it about a water glass or pitcher that is so irresistible to them?

tweet says "presented without commentary" and picture shows cat drinking from water pitcher

9. Some of these hardened criminals can’t get enough garbage in their lives.

10. It’s a pretty common theme, apparently.

tweet says This one enjoys knocking over every trash can every night and going through them to see if there’s any twist ties or bottle caps. and photo features a sleeping cat

11. “I love them with the utmost annoyance” is the best way to describe owning cats.

tweet that reads "One is an outright criminal and the other is more …sneaky about her crimes. They keep me from being a slob. I love them with the utmost annoyance"
two cats sitting on blankets on the floor

12. Don’t believe them when they give you that “Who, me?” face.

13. They did the crime, but they’ll never do the time.

14. Let’s just say, it’s a good thing they’re so cute and fluffy.

tweet says If I leave my door ajar I wake up to an assortment of toys and trash she drags upstairs to deposit in my bed. Very very sneaky as I never hear her do it. Stealthy

15. They’ve got lots of good qualities too. Let’s try to focus on those and less on… stuff like this.

tweet says This floofy felon has a 3 crimes per day quota and tripping me doesn’t count. He bites. He shreds. He destroys. He waves his tail in my face to say “Hey I peed on that again, suit up (censored) it’s bathtime.” He DEMANDS snuggles OR ELSE. He’s an absolute menace and I love him. picture of cat climbing curtains

They may be very naughty kitties, but we still love them! The sooner we humans learn that we basically work for our cats, the better.

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