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14 Deceptively Adorable Cats Who Are Secretly Hardened Criminals

cat drinking from water pitcher, cat climbing curtains

Anyone who lives with a cat knows they have a penchant for chaos. Author Premee Mohamed recently voiced a common theme about cats on Twitter, and the thread really blew up. Strangers from all over chimed in with stories of their own whiskered little “criminals.” One thing was clear from the responses: cats can be destructive, temperamental, and mischievous, but they’re so cute we’d let them get away with murder!

1. Premee’s tweet about the crime rate in her house going up “40,000%” struck a chord with the Twitterverse.

orange cat getting into trouble around house. tweet says: This guy’s daily routine consists solely of CRIMES.

His favourite activity is throwing a full cup of water onto the bathroom floor, every evening. Then demanding the cup is refilled so he can drink from it.

He has a lot of audacity for a criminal!

2. Everyone has a story of their cats causing trouble at home.

tweet says One time, Inky dipped every one of his feet in the still-cooling scalloped potatoes and walked all over 
's freshly washed and drying adidas pants, leaving butter and cheese grease footprints all over it, 15 minutes before we were leaving on a trip

Inky thought the pants needed some bedazzling.

3. Some of these stories are all-too-familiar for most cat owners.

tweet says: We have two Maines. They are a heist crew with a penchant for leaving little rubber ball toys right where you are going to step on them.

And then they look at you like this. "Who, me? It was clearly my sister."
calico Maine Coon Cat

They setting strategic booby traps.

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