15 Corgis With Such Hilariously Disapproving Faces Their Humans Had To Grab The Camera

Every so often, an animal gives us a look that’s so human, we wonder if they’re going to start speaking in full sentences next.


Such is the case with the humble corgi, a herding breed that’s as well known for their hilarious facial expressions as they are for their short stature. There’s just something so intelligent yet curmudgeonly about this breed! That’s why there’s an entire Facebook page dedicated to “Disapproving Corgis.” More than 1.2 million people follow the page, and their contributions are sheer perfection.

1. This corgi sees all, and he is not impressed. In fact, he’s downright disappointed and perhaps a skosh skeptical.

2. Bentley would prefer if you take your camera elsewhere, thank you very much.

3. “My paws are WET, mother.â€

4. Pebbles is the only corgi allowed in the house. Not even a coin purse that looks like a corgi is acceptable.

5. Sheldon is not a fan of taking walks and will express his disapproval with very little notice.

6. Who decided this guy would make a good babysitter? (He disagrees.)

7. First time at the dog groomer. Sleep with one eye open tonight, human.

8. Corgo has a “case of the Mondays,” and he’s not afraid to show it.

9. They’re not exactly a breed that loves water. Major disapproval detected!

10. What have we told you guys? There can be only ONE!

11. Can’t a girl sunbathe in peace around here?!

12. Never cross a corgi or you’ll wake up to this look.

13. Dixie disapproves of sofas, pillows, and gravity in general.

14. He disapproves of his new food dishes, which force him to eat more slowly. Where’s the fun in that?

15. We think you’re interrupting them. Isn’t it past your bedtime?

Aren’t corgis the cutest? We thought those fuzzy little bottoms of theirs were the best thing about them, but their disappointed faces are our new favorite thing.

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