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15 Clever Easter Eggs That Will Have You Searching High And Low For Hidden Messages

What’s better than telling a joke? Telling a joke and hiding it for some unsuspecting person to discover on their own!

It turns out clever marketers and everyday people are doing just that by sprinkling puns and interesting factoids into product packaging and other hidden places. Finding one feels just like finding an Easter egg – on a hunt we didn’t even know we were on!

1. Kill ALL the germs! Have no mercy!

2. This coffee bag understands how your morning is going.

3. Decorators hid an oh-so-subtle guitar pattern on the comforters at the Hard Rock Hotel.

4. Harry Potter and friends, take note.

5. A baby name book that’s keeping it real about an unpopular name.

6. “Sierra Nevada understands family business.”

7. “At my hospital, the room number for mammogram tests spells out ‘boob.'”

8. This bag of nutritional yeast flakes is trying sooo hard to be as yummy as Frosted Flakes.

9. “I’ve sold these Bigfoot action figures for ages but never taken a close look at the box.”

10. “Hospital’s campus in Fenton, Missouri, is shaped like a kidney.”

11. Computer savvy types might notice that Intel stickers feature replicas of processor architecture. Whatever that means.

12. Finally, a face wash that understands exactly how much motivation we have in the morning.

13. “I found a hidden message when I ripped the paper off this ramen pot.”

14. An automatic fire sprinkler becomes instantly fancy when you add a mustache.

15. We have to admit, they’ve got a great point there!

Can you believe how well-hidden these messages are? Now we’re going to be searching all over for secret messages in unexpected locations! What’s the best Easter egg you’ve ever discovered?

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