15 Dad Jokes That Even Their Kids Have To Admit Are Funny

It’s not easy being a parent, but as with so many things in life, maintaining a sense of humor helps!


Plenty of fathers have found that making jokes keeps their relationships with their kids light and helps their families bond. That’s why dad jokes are always popular, both on the internet and off. Yet some dads aren’t content to use the same old corny lines. Instead, they’ve taken their quips to the next level!

1. Take this guy and his text about the family dog.

2. “My first and newborn son is jaundiced and receiving light therapy. So as an artist-turned-dad, I made sure he let the nurses know how he was feeling behind that mask.”

3. “My wife doesn’t want our newborn son’s face posted on social media, so she asked me to censor over it. Needless to say, I won’t be asked to do that again.”

4. “My dad was the only one at the office today, so he made this picture and sent it to my family.”

5. He’s not afraid to look silly for his little one!

6. “My dad recently got a 3D printer and made a stool sample for his doctor.”

7. “I told my dad that I bought the game ‘Risk’ and wanted to play it with him. He said he’d never played. I show up to his house and find him with printed out battle plans and map strategies.”

8. “Dropped in on my kids’ Zoom classes – payback for all the interruptions to my work calls.”

9. “Told my dad his toast could only be one page.”

10. “My dad said he found some cute baby pictures of me and handed me these.”

11. “Dad never fails to rip [one] during family photos.”

12. “My dad is adorable and his bad jokes always make me happy.”

13. “I recently became a dad and put my ‘uniform’ on while still at the hospital. I’ve been planning this for a while.”

14. “I asked my husband how long the kitchen table is. This is what I got.”

15. “I promised my daughter a chocolate cake if she pooped on the potty all by herself. I had to pay up.”

These guys know what they’re doing. After all, their dad game is on point!

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