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15 Cats Who Have Very Impressive “Murder Mittens” And Aren’t Afraid To Use Them

cats showing off their impressive claws

Cats may be cute and fluffy, but they also come fully equipped with paws full of sharp claws that the internet has dubbed “murder mittens.”

This phrase perfectly describes cats’ chubby little paws, which would be utterly adorable if it weren’t for the dagger-like retractable toenails attached to them. Cats extend those claws to defend themselves or when they’re just playing and things get a little rough. On Reddit, people share pictures of their cats’ murder mittens as an important reminder that cats are precious, but also more than capable of drawing blood!

1. Don’t let those wide, innocent eyes fool you. Those murder mittens are primed and ready for action!

2. Even when they’re sound asleep, the claws are ready for action.

3. They seem to be born ready to slice and dice, too.

4. There’s no end to the havoc they’re capable of wreaking. Delete ALL the things!

5. Rule number 1: Never believe a cat trying to lure you under furniture with wide, innocent eyes. There is no innocence!

6. Wherever you are, they’ll find you.

7. Even if you find them first, the murder mittens are poised for action.

8. Sleep with one eye open tonight, folks!

9. Just making sure you remember who’s in charge around here….

10. They call him “the claw!”

11. Teeny tiny fluffball, big sharp claws. Anybody have a spare Band-Aid?

12. Pick her up, we dare you.

13. Don’t even think about taking that dinner bowl away.

14. You can run, but you can’t hide!

15. Meet Gus, who is approximately 89% feet.

We love these feisty felines, and their murder mittens only add to their charm. We just hope they use their claws for good, not evil. (In other words, please stop scratching up the furniture!)

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