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Man’s Elaborate Frog House Sets Scene For A Whole Saga About “Frod” And His Pals.

Dazzo's frog house with Frodrick inside

If we’re lucky, we all have a hobby or two that makes us act a little bit “extra” from time to time. Maybe it’s gardening or genealogy, or maybe it’s… building frog houses? Sure, why not!

For the past few months, an Australian man who goes by Dazza online has captivated internet denizens with an unusual backyard project. It all started when he noticed a little frog sitting on the metal post of his fence.

Seeing the cute little froggo perched on that uncomfortable metal post gave Dazza an idea. He went to his computer to create a 3D model of a little plastic house, then used Lego pieces and 3D-printed plastics to construct it. He placed it onto the post and sat back to see what would happen.

“He hated it,” Dazza reported bluntly.

After he shared a video of version one of the frog house, his TikTok audience had plenty of feedback. They suggested a few luxury upgrades, including a swimming pool.

“These are really good ideas,” Dazza admitted.

“One week later, TikTok was like, ‘he needs easier access – a patio filled with water,’ so we started at V2, busted out these walls, added a patio, increased Ribbit amplification, and introduced additional arm comfort,” he said. “Also the people named him Frodrick.”

We don’t know what “Ribbit amplification” is exactly, but we love that Dazza thought to improve it!

Now that Frodrick, or Frod for short, had a proper name, it was time to see how he liked version two of his frog palace now that it was all decked out with a pond, lounge area, and bug-attracting lights.

“So we made a pool with plants and this infinity-edge waterfall, and Frodrick liked it. He even had a friend over,” said Dazza.

Sure enough, video shows Frod with a new buddy hanging out in the house, and before you can say “hoppy hour,” Frod was having a pool party with as many frogs as his new digs could fit!

When a curious possom came by to sniff around, Dazza worried Frod and his friends would become dinner.

“Without knowing the possum’s intentions, we built Frodrick an emergency cave,” said Dazza. “Then Frod had a pool party. All the frogs were there.”

It turns out the possom just wanted a sip of “frog tea,” and he and his mate soon became regular visitors to the Frod pad. Dazza’s TikTok audience name each new character who enters the story with love and humor, and the possoms even have their own dedicated livestream now.

Dazza’s little backyard amphibian heaven continued to expand. Soon, Frod and his wife had millions of tadpoles, necessitating the addition of a “tadpole ramp.” His current dwelling is version three, and it’s pretty fabulous!

You can keep an eye on Frod and all his friends by checking out Dazza’s livestream on Twitch.

Sometimes boredom leads to the most incredibly fun experiences! We’re glad Dazza made a little time for fun in his world, and that he chose to share it with all of us.

Watch the whole adorable video below, and don’t forget to share.

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