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15 Baffling Cats Who Are Taking “If I Fits, I Sits” To A Whole New Level

cat laying inside a new toilet with a shocked expression on her face and a cat wrapped around shower curtain rod

This article is for every cat parent who asks themselves, “How did you get there?” at least once a day.

As much as we love snuggling up with our warm, fuzzy kitties, sometimes they just want to explore! And by explore, we mean end up in places they have absolutely no right to be in. Luckily, social media is full of pet parents sharing stories of their adventurous felines, not only so others can feel less alone, but also so we can laugh together over the mystery that is cats. We’ve compiled some of the best ones for you to enjoy below!

1. “My cat always sits like this when I’m in the shower.”

2. “We had to put a baby lock on the fridge. He kept breaking in and eating bacon and lettuce. He has stashed butter before, too.”

3. If cats could talk, we’d love to hear how she got herself into this mess.

4. “Giant creature trapped inside someone’s home, or a doll house with a curious visitor? You decide.”

5. We’re not saying you should buy a clear trash can if you own a cat, but we’re also not not saying that.

6. “Dad started putting in new toilet. Walked away for a few minutes and came back to this.”

7. “My poor cat got stuck in the laundry room.”

8. “Opened the cabinet to get a glass and nearly jumped out of my skin.”

9. It appears that someone may have made a mistake…

10. “My cat climbed inside the bird feeder (2 meters tall), because she saw bird flying there.”

11. The Pool Table Cat sees and knows all.

12. Cats truly are a mystery.

13. “This is how my friend found the cat in the bathroom.”

14. Behold, the reigning champion of hide-and-seek!

15. “About 10 years ago I came home to find this note taped to my door. My cat had fallen through the floor into the apartment below. Very glad she’s ok but I also def cried laughing imagining her little face as the floor gave way.”

Cats can be frustratingly good at getting into the most unusual places, but their natural curiosity is part of what makes having these fur balls around so much fun! At the end of the day, as long as they’re safe and happy, that’s all that really matters! What’s the strangest place you’ve ever found your kitty?

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