15 Brrrilliant Pictures Of A Massive Snowstorm In Buffalo, New York

Man wades through shoulder-deep snow in Buffalo, NY. Neighborhood with deep snowbanks.

People who live in upstate New York are used to snow, but even the most experienced winter experts can get overwhelmed!

In November 2022, a massive snowstorm hit Buffalo, New York and left behind almost 7 feet of fluffy white powder. Residents were trapped in their houses and had to dig themselves out, resulting in some truly eye-popping photographs.

1. Locals in this area are familiar with “lake effect” storms, but this was a bit much.

2. Meteorologists rose to the challenge, wading through shoulder-deep snowbanks to report on the storm. The man in this picture is 6 feet and 4 inches tall!

3. Seriously, these dedicated journalists are amazing!

4. Once it started snowing, it didn’t stop for over a day.

5. Everyone felt a little stuck. And we do mean everyone!

6. In spite of the treacherous conditions, first responders still answered the call.

7. Some family members thought it was great fun, though!

8. The snow provided a series of inconveniences, but people were resourceful.

9. Many found a way to put all that cold, white stuff to good use.

10. Many people couldn’t resist snapping a photo of the historic snowfall. The fence behind this man is 6 feet tall.

11. This photo was taken in Hamburg, New York. They got just over 6 feet there, casting a magical glow on everything it touched.

12. The clean up was constant, and it went on for days.

13. We’re getting cold just looking at these pictures!

14. Even if you don’t care for the white stuff, you have to admit it looks pretty.

15. But can you imagine waking up to this?

That’s it, we’re staying in! The good people of Buffalo have already dug their way out after this epic storm, and we’re sure they’re already prepped and ready for the next one. We’d take our hats off for them, but we’re still feeling chilly just from looking at all that snow!

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