15 Awkward Couple Photos That Prove Not Every Moment Is Instagrammable

awkward couple photos

Love is in the air, and it seems like everywhere we look we see poised, Instagram-ready couples.


If you’re tired of all that irritating attractiveness and harmony, it’s always fun to peruse the less flattering portraits at Awkward Family Photos. This site has been “serving awkwardness” since 2009, and their delightfully unphotogenic couples offer a much funnier (and more realistic!) version of life, love, and, yes, coupledom.

1. Every day is a safari ever since these parents moved from Massachusetts to Tampa, Florida.

2. Mom won a free photo session at a mall in 1980. Dad didn’t want to go, but mom insisted. So of course, “once they got there my dad ended up upgrading and spent $100 on the deluxe package.”

3. That awkward moment when dad thought the church photo would be taken from the waist up. In other words, he was video-conference-ready before video conferencing was even a thing!

4. The bride would have smiled if her much-too-light makeup wasn’t slathered on so thickly.

5. “My brother-in-law had some *ahem* interesting ideas for pregnancy photos.”

6. “The only thing I know about this photo is that my parents were at a business event.”

7. Mom and dad take their tubing very seriously.

8. The look on the groom’s face says it all: “I’ve made a terrible mistake.”

9. Whoa, settle down, you two. Don’t let the excitement of your engagement get to you.

10. How’d you like a little help with that kiss, Dad?

11. How do we get ourselves added to this Christmas card list?

12. Moms who’ve been through 24-hour-long labors recognize this look.

13. Mom is rocking that 80s hair, but as usual, it’s the dog who steals the show.

14. “We had the worst wedding photographer in the world. I think this says it all.â€

15. When “Till death do us part” can’t come soon enough….

We just love how this site always keeps it real! We’re all awkward from time to time, so why not have fun with it?

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