15 Astounding Secondhand Finds That Are The Envy Of The Thrifting Community

a man squatting as he smiles and poses with a baldwin organ he purchased at a thrift store and a well decorated living room with a green couch, rug, side table, and a painting

There are some people who make thrifting look easy! In reality, it takes a lot of patience to find the best deals, especially if there’s something specific that you’re hoping to find.


But if you ask anyone who considers themselves to be a “thrifter,” they’ll say that the hunt is always worth the moment they finally discover their hidden gem – most of the time metaphorically, of course. If you’d like a taste of what that feeling is like, there’s a Reddit page dedicated to those exact moments. We’ve gathered some of our favorites for you to enjoy below!

1. “It finally happened to me. After YEARS of being jealous of people on here for finding them. I’ve finally found my white whale! For. TEN. Dollars.”

2. “Another dress I made from a vintage bedsheet I found at the bins, AKA treasure trove.”

3. “Found at local Goodwill: an exact copy of the sweater my mom has owned for at least a couple decades.”

4. “Thrifted this rattan etagere for $30!! favorite find so far.”

5. “For years I was always tempted by miniature chairs at thrift shops, and then one day I finally bought nine of them.”

6. “When the checker asked me what this was, I muttered that it’s for making coffee and ran away. $1200 La Pavoni Europiccola espresso maker for $6.50 at Goodwill. My coffee dreams have now been fulfilled.”

7. “I found a suit for my son at a yard sale. $15.00.”

8. “This behemoth 80s lotus lamp was a literal haul… it’s huge! Brass, pink, 80s and floral are my weaknesses.”

9. “The wedding dress of my dreams (and in my size) for $40 at Goodwill.”

10. “I got this from fb marketplace… I think he likes it.”

an old fashioned box tv outside on a driveway

11. “Just found this beautiful Baldwin organ. works perfectly, and got it for only 170$. My biggest thrift store haul of all time, I’ve wanted one forever!!”

12. “Bought at my local small town thrift store. I love him.”

13. “My thrifted living room!”

14. “Could not leave Bernie at the thrift store.”

15. “In 1978, my mom made a ceramic tree for my Grandma. When Grma passed in 2001, my uncles gave it away to goodwill. In 2002, I found it (confirmed marked on bottom) at a local thrift, for $15.”

No matter how much or how little you’ve gone thrifting, there’s one thing we can all agree on: These finds are so darn cool! And although these shopping trips don’t always end in a success, when they do, it leads to a truly unforgettable moment. Which one was your favorite?

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