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15 Animals So Derpy They Were Destined To Become Memes

Sure, you could go through life without admiring the majestic derpitude of nature… but why would you?

The animals that share our world give us so much joy. Whether wild or domesticated, we can always count on our animal friends to trigger a surge of happy chemicals in our brains whenever we see them. No matter how bad the world may look, one sweet picture of a subtly murderous cat or a lazy horse can be just the ticket to turn your day around. Don’t believe us? Check out this week’s funniest animal memes below!

1. We just love that shade of lipstick on you!

2. Ah yes, “help.”

3. Can Timmy come out and play?

4. This person was late to work because of this adorable, yet unscheduled, parade.

5. Meet Sugar, otherwise known as everybody’s spirit animal.

6. Well, this is an awkward way to meet the neighbors.

7. “That’s nice, dear.”

8. Just trying to show off his best side.

9. And she’ll do it again the first chance she gets!

10. Show some respect, would ya?

11. We think they’re gonna cross the finish line today! Maybe!

12. There can be only one master of this domain. And it certainly isn’t the human.

13. Stuck in this epic pose forever… or at least until someone opens the door.

14. Is it dusty out there or is it just them?

15. “WHO goes there? WHO?”

No wonder scientists say that looking at cute animal pictures is good for you! These cuddly critters make us feel all the warm and fuzzy feelings, which let’s face it, is a lot nicer than a lot of the other stuff we see online. Let’s all consider a daily animal meme break to be self care, because it is!

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