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“I Wasn’t Leaving Anyone Behind.” Woman Rescues Bonded Dogs Abandoned On The Street.

a two -photo collage. the first is of dogs named pepsi and pasta standing outside together on a sidewalk. the second is of pepsi and pasta cuddled together in a car seat.

Friendship has the power to make even the worst situations a little more bearable.

Suzette Hall runs Logan’s Legacy, a rescue organization that finds animals living on the streets of California and gives them veterinary care, foster homes, and ultimately, finds them a forever home. She recently responded to reports of two female dogs, one black and one white, who has been dumped on a street corner five days earlier.

Neighbors had been giving the dogs food and water, but they were too skittish and fearful of humans to be captured. At night, the dogs reportedly curled up together on the sidewalk, sharing warmth and comfort as they waited for their owners who would never come back.

Suzette set up two humane traps. The first dog was easily caught but the second was too terrified to set foot in the cage.

“I wasn’t leaving anyone behind,” Suzette wrote on Facebook.

It took another two hours, but what finally worked was luring the dog into a cage using the other dog as “bait.” Right then, it was clear that Pepsi and Pasta, as Suzette named them, needed to be together to feel safe.

The dogs were terribly neglected and had dirty, matted fur. As Suzette drove them, the dogs started digging at their crates, trying to get closer to each other.

“They were trying to get to each other,” she said. “I could just tell that they needed each other.”

She pulled over and took the dogs out of their crates, letting them both sit on the front seat of her car instead. As soon as they were back together, they immediately snuggled up together in a tight ball.

“You can’t even imagine the wagging of the tails when I was getting them out,”said Suzette. “They couldn’t get to each other fast enough.”

Since it’s clear this duo is a bonded pair, Suzette is making sure they will stay together throughout the rescue process. In other words, if all goes well, these two will soon be in a new home where they’ll be doted on and loved by a human who appreciates a true friendship like theirs.

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