15 Adorable Rescue Animals Living Their Best Lives In Their Fur-Ever Homes

large dog laying on its back while a cat sits on the dog's stomach and newly adopted dog looking up at its owner as they get pet

Choosing to be a rescue animal’s forever home is a big responsibility, but it’s also oh-so-rewarding.

Some pets need more time than others to adjust to their new lives, but no matter the time it takes, seeing their happy, smiling faces is more than worth it. Speaking of which, we’ve compiled a list of those precious faces to help brighten up your day!

1. “My fiancé picked up this sweet boy from the shelter today and surprised our daughter. Meet Chester!”

2. “This is Brad. The shelter told me that Brad wouldn’t be cuddly. He hasn’t left the sides of me or my son since we brought him home last weekend.”

3. “Breaking news: Newly adopted kitty, Whiskey, has been welcomed into home by happy old doggo, Gus.”

4. “Here’s our new adoption!”

5. “Daisy’s first snow! Look at her nice sit and wait. Adopted her Friday night! We love her so much.”

6. “We adopted little Salem a week ago. She was incredibly timid and would hide whenever she saw us. She now comes to check us out when we are reading. I think we are making progress!!!”

7. “I adopted a kitten today and she’s everything I was missing.”

8. “This is Toffee, I just adopted him from the shelter! I was sobbing while petting him through a small hole in his pen, (he) was the only dog not barking, he’s underweight and shy, he’s made life so worth it.”

9. “Rescued a puppy yesterday. Safe to say he likes me.”

10. “My new buddies! I just adopted two hairless male rats today, they can keep me company in my WFH office. I have named them Pinky and the Brain. Any advice about owning rats would be welcome!”

11. “Adopted this 6 year old cat from the shelter. She loves her forever home.”

12. “Didn’t know I’d be playing matchmaker when I adopted a second cat.”

13. “Just adopted a Husky / Weimaraner pup and he is the happiest boy ever!”

14. “Adopted this siamese girl one month ago, making me her 4th owner. She was returned twice due to her aggression… turns out it was just play aggression that was misdirected. All she wants to do is chase feather toys and be pet.”

15. “Only wanted to adopt 1 kitten, but after seeing this picture we couldn’t possibly split them up!”

Look at those sweet little faces – their joy is absolutely contagious! We seriously couldn’t be happier that each one of them finally has a place they can call their home.

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