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Case Closed! Camera Catches The Family Dog Red-Pawed Going For A Joyride.

Titan the dog steals golf cart

Living in Manitoba, Canada means you never know what kind of wildlife might show up on your home security system.

Mallory Kmet and her family weren’t sure what happened when they came home from an outing to find their golf cart, which they use to lug firewood to the house, crashed into the back of her pickup truck. They assumed that someone was trying to steal the cart, so they checked their security footage. When they saw the video, they burst out laughing!

Instead of seeing a stranger with ill intent creeping around their yard, they saw their dog, 10-year-old Titan, climbing into the cart to take the world’s slowest joy ride. The dog had been banished from his cushy bed on the porch because he’d had a run-in with a skunk. When it started to rain, Titan looked for a comfortable, covered place to lie down, so he headed to the padded seat of the golf cart.

The only problem is that last time the family used the cart, someone had failed to properly shut it off.

“He got on [the seat] but he’s too big,”Mallory explained. “So he’s moving around and he sat on the gas pedal and it took off and hit my truck. The golf cart was pushed into the truck pretty good, so he hit it pretty good.â€

The video that busted Titan shows the dog climbing into the cart, then doing a big U-turn. The cart then careens into the truck, stopping with a thump. Titan, who was unharmed during the accident, then saunters off the cart and goes about his business like nothing happened. In fact, he keeps getting back on the cart as if he wants to take another ride!

“He still wants to go for golf cart rides, so you’ll still catch him sitting in the golf cart cause that’s one of his favourite things to do,”Mallory said.

Oh, Titan, you naughty boy. Mallory says the family will be more careful about turning the cart off from now on!

Watch the dog’s hilariously brief joy ride in the video below, and be sure to share.

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