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15 Everyday Photos That Accidentally Turned Into Surrealist Masterpieces

accidental surrealism featuring reflection and Eiffel Tower

Anyone can take a picture, but not everyone is an artist. Thankfully, there’s a form of art that requires no talent, just sheer luck!

The “Accidental Surrealism” subreddit has just 20,000 followers, but it features some of the coolest pictures on the internet. Each one started off as a regular snapshot but wound up stretching the fabric of the real and the imagined. If you’ve ever admired the surreal modern art of Salvador Dalí or M. C. Escher, this subreddit is for you.

1. Surrealism is all about seeing magic in everyday objects, like this melted egg timer.

2. This entrance to an underwater observatory in Zug, Switzerland, seems like it could lead to another dimension.

3. Ordinary hail caught in crop netting looks like something out of a fairy tale.

4. This segment of a brick wall has been worn down by the ocean for years, giving it a strange and unexpected wobbly look.

5. A cargo ship filled with shipping containers creates its own floating city skyline.

6. “Caught the reflection of the light in the window. Looks like it’s floating in the sky!”

7. This person tried to take a panoramic picture of the Eiffel Tower, but they got something much, much cooler.

8. Don’t worry, this church in Georgia (the country, not the state) is not about to be swept away by a giant wave. It actually just has a snow-capped mountain behind it.

9. About 5,000 liters of ink spilled in Dartford, U.K., but we’re not even mad.

10. This “magic eye” moment is brought to you by the sun shining through wooden slats. Nothing more, nothing less.

11. A tornado in Gum Creek, Tennessee, created this work of accidental surrealism.

12. Although floods surrounded it, this swimming pool remained untouched by even a drop of dirty water.

13. It was so hot in India that the streets melted and this happened.

14. A simple mud puddle provided the perfect reflective gazing pool.

15. Octo-cat says hi.

Who else has a new favorite subreddit? These amazing shots are a nice reminder that magic is all around us, if we only take the time to see it at just the right angle.

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