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Artist Puts Modern Spin On Disney Princesses And Their New Looks Have Us Cheering.

artist creates Disney glow up for Mulan

What would Ariel or Belle look like if they lived in our modern world?

That’s the question 29-year-old art major Yudelmis “Yudie” San Emeterio asks every time she sits down at her iPad to draw. Joining in on a TikTok trend, Yudie uses a single frame from popular Disney movies and gives the beloved characters updated makeup, hair, and clothing styles. The results are the famous faces we know and love, but with a distinctly modern look.

1. “Saw people doing ‘glow ups’ of Disney characters so I decided to do my own,” she captioned one of her first creations. “I went for a more subtle change!”


Saw people doing “glow ups” of Disney characters so I decided to do my own. I went for a more subtle change! #disneyprincess #artchallenge #belle

♬ Strawberry Shortcake – Melanie Martinez

2. “My main goal with my videos is to keep the changes in the transformation as close as possible to the style and texture of the original art,” she explained.


I knew that I wanted to do something more dramatic for Mulan, and I love the “ABG” look, so… #abg #mulan #disneyprincess #gloupdisney

♬ Candy – Doja Cat

3. “I think art can sometimes be undervalued or ignored on these platforms, so I really just want to open people up to more of it,” she continued.


As much as I like the blue and green dresses in the film, I think pink was made for Tiana 😍 #tiana #disneyprincess #gloupdisney #artchallenge #art

♬ Talk – Khalid

4. Even though Yudie changes their looks, she thinks everyone is beautiful no matter what their style may be.


I wish Moana’s brows were on my face 😩 BTW, some of the final transformations are up on my insta for those that want them 👍 #moana #gloupdisney

♬ Take Your Man – Mahogany LOX

5. “None of my videos are meant to suggest a particular beauty standard. All the princesses are beautiful just as they are, and my videos are only exploring different looks for fun!”


The trickiness with 3D edits is that they’re a bit more involved, but Rapunzel is worth it ❤️ #rapunzel #disneyprincess #gloupdisney

♬ GREEDY x TREASURE – conradrocha

6. “No one should have to feel that they have to look like these characters – before or after my transformations. Everyone is beautiful!” the artist said.


Out of all the female leads in Disney, I resonate with Jane the most. I’m still waiting for my Tarzan, though 😂 #disneyprincess #gloupdisney #jane

♬ Tarzan Medley: You’ll Be in My Heart / Two Worlds / Strangers Like Me / Trashin’ the Camp – Anthem Lights

7. It’s fascinating to watch Yudie’s design process. Each video includes her actual brushstrokes as she adds to these iconic faces.

8. She somehow manages to create a huge change for each character without altering what makes them uniquely Disney.

9. In fact, Yudie’s drawings are so good, they look like they came straight out of Disney studios! 


I swear, Ariel has more eyelid space than what I know what to do with. What a babe 😍 #disneyprincess #Ariel #littlemermaid #gloupdisney #tiktokartist

♬ Motivation – Normani

10. It’s not only Disney princesses who get makeovers. Here’s Prince Eric’s transformation.

11. There’s something amazing about seeing a cartoon that was drawn decades ago transformed to reflect the times.

12. Pocahontas goes from casual to supermodel in just a few flicks of Yudie’s stylus.


Pocahontas always had that model vibe to me 🤩 #Pocahontas #DisneyPrincess #gloupdisney

♬ Do It – Chloe x Halle

13. And Elsa goes from frosty to just plain cool.


It was hard to transform Elsa to look modern when they already did that in Frozen 2 😂 #elsa #frozen #disneyprincess #gloupdisney

♬ Señorita – Shawn Mendes & Camila Cabello

14. We love what she did with Anna’s hair. So cute!


I really liked Anna’s blonde/white stripe from the first movie so I thought I’d bring it back 👀 #frozen #disneyprincess #gloupdisney #princessanna

♬ Do It – Chloe x Halle

15. And finally, here’s Belle looking anything but beastly.


I always thought Belle looked even more stunning with her hair down, so I had to incorporate that with her dress! #disneyprincess #princessbelle

♬ Young And Beautiful – Lana Del Rey

Yudie is so talented! She clearly has the eye of a true artist, and we can’t wait to see what she does next. With a little luck, Disney will come calling to hire her!

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