15 More Absurdly Hilarious Videos We Don’t Understand But Love Anyway

potato cake and weird videos

Sometimes you just have to laugh at the things you don’t quite “get.” This is one of those times!

All of the videos below have racked up millions upon millions of views online, but they’re all undeniably weird. To be honest, we thought it was strange that so many people watched them… but then we watched them and got completely hooked, too! Each video is a short, memorable journey of the mind through the strange, often hilarious annals of the internet. We can’t even pick a favorite!

1. This video of a street drummer playing levan Polkka was made infinitely better by adding the “cat vibing” meme.

2. Wait for it! This video starts off with a person in a costume tapping away at the drums during a children’s music concert, but then it becomes an epic drum solo that’s definitely memorable.

3. “Just out here feeding my chickens, guys.”

4. This baby bear got a snoot full of something and can’t stop sneezing, so naturally we can’t stop laughing!

5. An improv troupe uploaded these strange, random audition videos. Someone edited them all together, and it’s just so odd! With 25 million views and counting, we’re not the only ones giggling.

6. You haven’t lived until you’ve heard the sounds a koala makes when it’s peeved.

7. “Send this to a sad friend,” this video advises. Random dance moves set to that iconic, upbeat Wii music make it easy to see why so many people did as they were told.

8. Seals. They’re vibin’.

9. You’ll never guess what this guy’s elaborate potato cake tastes like. Go ahead, try.

10. Walter Geoffrey the French bulldog is back, and this time he’s accompanied by boogying corgis and poodles!

11. Take it from this very chill seal: “There is no need to be upset.”

12. This little boy and his parents have a lot to learn about llamas.

13. His name is Giovanni Giorgio.

14. Everyone, say hello to the ADHD Fox.

15. It’s so simple, yet so stellar!

OK, who else is delightfully confused and yet thoroughly entertained? We sure are! Thank goodness for weird internet videos – they make us feel so normal by comparison!

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