14 Adorable Critters Who Are Truly Otter This World

a two-photo collage. on the left there is a photo of otter wearing a hat. on the right there is a photo of a baby otter with puppy eyes.

In case you haven’t seen any pictures of otters lately, here’s a reminder: They’re adorable! There are 13 different types of otters in the world, and their appearances range from sleek to outrageously fuzzy. No matter what kind you’re looking at, you can rest assured that every otter falls squarely into the “so cute, we can’t even handle it” category! Just in case you don’t believe us, here are 15 pictures that are otterly precious.

1. Never seen an otter making puppy dog eyes? Now you have!

cute otter looking coy

He could be a cold-blooded killer and we’d still love him.

2. A zookeeper turned this fuzzy sock into a onesie for a baby otter. We’ll wait while you finish squealing over the cuteness.

otter baby wearing a onesie made from a fuzzy sock

Oh-Em-Gee, this is too much.

3. He’s not really this chonky, it’s just a bad angle! (Or so he says…)

chunky looking otter

This otter makes chonky look good.

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