Rescuers Scramble To Save Lucky, A 1,200-Lb Horse Swallowed Up To Her Neck In A Sinkhole.

Rescuers working to pull Lucky the horse out of a sinkhole

This scene might give you nightmares if you remember The Neverending Story. A 1,200-pound white horse became trapped in a Los Angeles sinkhole. Like Artax, the horse Lucky was stuck in mud up to her neck and sinking. This story does have a happy ending, as you can see below, as the owners offer her carrots.

Following the rescue of their horse from a sinkhole, owners Juan and Maria Lastre offer the tired horse some carrots.
Image from X (Twitter).

Lucky is a 20-year-old white Paso Fino horse. The breed is an exceptional trail-riding horse and is very popular for pleasure riding. They also make great show horses with a specific gait, smaller frame, and delicate features. Maria Lastre, Lucky’s owner, was riding her in the backyard of their San Fernando Valley home. Maria’s husband, Juan Lastre, thought the horse had just tripped but quickly realized she was sinking in mud. Maria was able to scramble to safety, but Lucky just kept sinking. After briefly attempting to free the horse from the sinkhole, the Lastre’s called for assistance.

The rescue party included more than 60 LAFD firefighters, Animal Services personnel, and the “Specialized Mobile Animal Rescue Team” (SMART). SMART is familiar with this type of large animal rescue operation. The Sanitation Department was on the scene with heavy equipment. The entire rescue was documented on X (Twitter) by LAFD Public Information Officer (PIO) Erik Scott. PIO Scott posted several videos during and after the rescue.

Workers used hand shovels to remove as much mud as possible around Lucky. An excavator was necessary to move dirt and mud to create a trench. That allowed personnel to help the horse and to keep the sinkhole from refilling.

Rescue workers gathered around the horse stuck in the sinkhole to assess the situation and plan their rescue operation.
Image from X (Twitter).

A Happy Ending For Lucky The Horse After Rescue From A Sinkhole

Rescuers attempted to help the horse out of the sinkhole with manpower alone. Later, they attached harnesses and used the hydraulic arm of the excavator to lift the horse out of the sinkhole.

After rescuing the horse from the sinkhole, Lucky got food and a bath. She was eating well. Animal services personnel checked her for injuries. Fortunately, she appeared unharmed after the traumatic experience. The entire rescue operation took around three hours. Lucky and her owners are grateful to all the dedicated rescuers who assisted.

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