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12 Stories That Prove Animals Are More Like Us Than We Realize

We may be at the top of the food chain, but humans and animals share more traits and habits than most of us ever realize.

From a dog who secretly enjoys midnight pony rides to a cat who walked through fire to save her babies, here are a few stories that remind us of the undeniable link between humans and animals.

1. Woman trains parrot to settle down, and soon he’s using the same trick on her.

“Whenever my parrot flips out and gets angry, I say, ‘Hey,’ in this soft, comforting voice and then talk to him gently. He calms down within seconds,” the owner wrote. “I just got frustrated enough at something that I went, “ARGH.”My parrot said, “Hey,”all softly and sweetly like a dozen times over the next minute. It made me feel better instantly. My parrot is better at conflict de-escalation than most people.”

2. German shepherd leads Alaskan State Troopers to shed fire when they couldn’t find it on GPS.

3. Just a mama ape checking out her keeper’s new baby. Two moms bonding over an infant!

4. This is how a baby gorilla and a baby human react to a cold stethoscope.

5. Not bad considering he’s never had a single lesson!

6. “My fam got Louie (right) from a breeder years ago. Tell me why, Louie is at the park and stops dead in his tracks when seeing this dog (left). Turns out they are from the same breeder, have the same parents, meaning THEY ARE BROTHERS & RECOGNIZED EACH OTHER.”

7. Just a mother doing what she has to do to keep her kids safe.

8. The ultimate dog and pony show was going on every night, and they didn’t even know it!

9. Dog fakes illness to get more snuggle time with dad.

10. Who invited this guy to the pool party?

11. A study showed that rats will free a fellow rat who’s trapped, even when there’s no reward.

Not only that, but the rescued rat would then save a treat from their pile of chocolate chips and give it to their rescuer as a thank-you!

12. Speech therapist creates special mat and her dog learns to “talk using words and sentences.

Animals really are incredible, aren’t they? We hope more people learn to recognize the similarities we share with our furry and feathered friends!

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