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12 Adorable Cat Toe Beans To Make You Feel Warm And Fuzzy

A two-photo collage. The first shows a close up of someone gently holding on to a cats paw to show off their toe beans. The cat is mainly black but the bottom of their paw is white. Their toe beans are black. The second photo shows a white cat laying on their back, one paw up as if waving. Their toe beans can be seen.

There are so many things to love about our feline friends — the calming sound of their purrs, their large eyes, and their soft fur are just a few reasons why we adore having them around. One of my favorite things about them, though, have to be their adorable cat toe beans. Seriously, how on earth are they that adorable!? I genuinely wanted to know why, so I looked it up — and now I’m sharing with you what I found!

So, as far as cuteness goes, it’s pretty simple: we love adorable cat toe beans because… well, they’re small and cute. But this beloved part of felines isn’t just for looks. The toe beans are why a cat is able to fall from such tall heights without hurting themselves. That’s because they absorb the shock. How cool is that? Now, keep scrolling for some aww-worthy toe beans!

1. The coziest of toe beans.

A small grey cat curled up with half of her body under a blanket. Her toe beans can be seen on four of her paws.

2. Shhh…

Close up of a light brown fur, sleeping. They're covering their face but a single paw and toe beans can be seen.

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