12 Memes That Perfectly Describe What It’s Like Having Kids

Parenting memes

Being a parent is a magical experience filled with tears of joy, proud moments, and beautiful memories—but not always. Having kids is also humbling and sometimes filled with sleepless nights, dirty houses, and nonstop noise. Between the ups and downs of parenthood is good humor. Sometimes, moms and dads have to find the silver linings when they’re in the thick of it. These 11 memes perfectly highlight the unpredictability and delight of having kids.

1. Being a Mother is NOT as Glamorous as It Sounds

Mom snacks
Bored Panda

As Beyonce proves in this picture, moms never have downtime.

2. Don’t Look Directly Into Their Eyes!

sleeping child
Bored Panda

Any parent who enjoys their sleep knows about this. The second you lock eyes with a sleepy child, the whole night is ruined. Don’t do it.

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