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104 Strangers Create A “World Of Pure Imagination” Using Their Breathtaking Vocals.

A group of people stand in a gymnasium, singing as they look at paper with the lyrics. Text on the image reads: Whatever you wish to see in the world, you can make it a reality.

There’s a certain kind of magic in creating music that can’t be compared to anything else. The Gaia Music Collective of New York City recognize this, prompting them to create a truly unique experience for 104 strangers. Gathered in an abandoned gymnasium for three hours, they got to know one another before learning how to sing “Pure Imagination” by Gene Wilder. The result? Like something straight out of a film.

Each person was given two options as they performed: to either stand back to back with a stranger, allowing them to feel the vibrations of the person as they sang, or to wander the room, taking in the sights and sounds of their fellow singers. Even viewers at home are given the option to either focus on the lyrics or the faces of the performers.

“Whatever you wish to see in the world, you can make it a reality,” they wrote as a caption in the video. “We imagined a space where all would be welcome to gather and share kind, connective, music-making experience and here we are. Anything is possible so… what are you imagining?”

Watch 104 strangers harmonize perfectly in the magical video below.

@gaiamusiccollective Q for the comments📝: what would you dream up if you could bring your wildest imaginations to life? 🤔✨ "Pure Imagination" One-Day Choir arr. @Ben Bram & @Tehillah for @The SoCal VoCals led & filmed by @matt goldstein at @Gymnopedie #singing #harmony #choir #acapella #vocals ♬ original sound – Gaia Music Collective

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