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10-Yr-Old Thinks Horse Friend Is Gone Forever — Until She “Meets” His New Family!

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This 10-year-old horse-lover has spent months walking to her neighbor’s house, feeding their precious animal, Loki.

On this day, she walked up to visit the horse and met a devastating surprise: her neighbor sold the horse.

She was immediately overcome with emotion and began to cry in the arms of her neighbor.

His name was Loki, and this sweet girl had walked over every day to feed him carrots and apples. They began to develop a real bond, a special bond that can only exist between animals and the humans that love them so.

This daughter had been begging her dad for a horse for years. Finally, he gave in, and they hatched a plan. The parents would buy Loki from their neighbor and surprise her!

After leading her to believe the horse was purchased from a different family, the neighbor clarified the horse’s new name: Loki McCabe.

As soon as she put the pieces together, she wept with joy! She jumped into the pen with him and gave Loki some well-deserved pets.

Watch the adorable video below and see for yourself this little girl’s dreams coming true!


best day of her life! sorry about the noisy wind. Our neighbor across the street bought a black mustang pony in May. our daughter was instantly in love. our daughter fed him a carrot or an apple everyday and spent time talking to him over the fence. in August, the neighbor decided to sell the pony. a girl named Savannah was going to buy him after Labor Day weekend but unfortunate circumstances prevented it. my husband has always told us he’d never allow a horse. last week he shocked us all when he said “I think we should get the horse”. while our daughter was away for the weekend with her dad, we worked out a deal with the neighbor, and signed a bill of sale. I went to meet a girl from marketplace to buy some used tack, and the seller ended up being Savannah, the girl that WAS going to buy the pony. she is SUCH a sweet girl. I felt awkward and horrible in that moment of realization. I told Savannah that she can come by whenever she wanted. Savannah trained horses. she offered to help our daughter do some training with the pony, since my daughter wants to be a horse trainer someday. so the neighbor and I devised a plan to surprise my daughter. I’ve never seen this kid cry tears of joy. the look on her face when she realizes the pony was ours is a moment I will never forget. #horsegirl #happiestdayever

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