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10-Yr-Old Boy Rescued By Firefighters After Getting Trapped In Chimney

Distant view of a roof. On it is a firefighter approaching a boy stuck in a chimney.

Sometimes, curiosity can get the best of us. It seems that may have been the case for this 10-year-old in Massachusetts. On a Wednesday afternoon, the kid was spending time at his home. Although we don’t know what gave him this idea, he decided to make his way out of a window on the second floor. From here, the boy made it to the roof and into the chimney… where he promptly got stuck from the waist down.

Although his parents weren’t around when he did this, thankfully, he didn’t go entirely unnoticed. Both his brother and a next-door neighbor managed to notice the dangerous situation he got himself into.

Distant view of a roof. On it is a firefighter approaching a boy stuck in a chimney.

“I was just shocked when I looked up and saw him hanging out of that chimney,” Karen Boyd, their neighbor says. “It’s not like I could catch him if he fell. I mean, he was very high up on that roof.”

Boy Stuck in Chimney Gets Swiftly Rescued Thanks to Firefighters

Meanwhile, the 10-year-old’s brother called their dad, who was at work at the time. Hearing the news of what happened, he instructed his son to call 911. Meanwhile, Dad rushed home as fast as possible, no doubt terrified for his kid.

By the time he arrived, the Whitman Fire Department were already there to save the day! Luckily, doing so wasn’t too difficult. In fact, the boy was completely uninjured. So, although this ordeal had to have been terrifying for this Massachusetts family, I can only imagine how grateful they are for the quick actions of the fire department!

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