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10 Udderly Floofy Highland Cows Bound To Give You Warm Fuzzies

Image on left shows two Scottish highand calves (aka floofy cows) head-butting each other. Image on right is a close up of a Scottish highland calf facing the camera.

Almost everyone knows what a cow looks like. But if you have never seen a highland cow, prepare yourself. The only way to describe Scottish Highland cows is by using the non-word “floofy.” Think of a cow dressed up in the pelt of a wooly mammoth, and you will have some idea of the cuteness we are about to unveil for you!

There is also a new twist! Highland floofy cows are now available in a mini-version! That’s right, you can now own mini-sized floofy cows. This might be the perfect solution if you ever wanted a house cow.

1. Learning About Highland Cows To Start Our Journey

Highland floofy cows have exceptionally good-natured personalities and make great pets!

2. Hamish Lives For A Good Brushing!

Watch as a floofy cow owner brushes his HUGE steer Hamish.

3. Poppy And Petunia Get A Bath!

When cows are having a photo shoot session, they need a bath first!

4. A Floofy Cow With a Sense Of Humor!

Petunia played a little trick on her human Mom.


Petunia is still earless 9 months later😂🐮 Click the soung for a blast from the past! #poppyandpetunia #minicows #minicowsoftiktok

♬ original sound – Katie Van Slyke

5. Highland Cows Are Very Photogenic

These neighbor cows seem to enjoy posing nicely for the camera.

6. Meet The Mini Floofy Cows!

These little floofy cows are entirely too cute!

7. Baby Highland Cows Are So Adorable!

Look at these widdle bebbie floofy cows! Playing under the watchful eyes of Momma.

8. Floofy Babies Get The Zoomies!

These calves in Finland have the zoomies.

9. Scottish Highland Cows Are Not Strangers to Misdeeds

These two little mischief-makers are robbing the food stores!

10. Baby Floofy Cows Are Energetic

This little fellow is only a week old but full of vim and vinegar!

Whether full-size or mini, Scottish Highland cows are among the friendliest animals on Earth. Their calm demeanor and playful nature make them a great choice for hobby farms. If you want a house cow, the mini versions might be acceptable, but please verify your local zoning laws first. Share these little floofy beasts with your friends.

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here and here.

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