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10 Stories That Perfectly Sum Up Small Town Living At Its Finest

A small town in a rural, wooded area.

Some people dream of living in a small town where the pace is slow and everyone knows each other. For others, that scenario would be a nightmare! However, as always, the truth is somewhere in between. To get the real scoop on life in a rural community, you’d have to ask the people that have actually experienced it. That’s why we rounded up some of the most interesting stories from small town residents online!

From wacky encounters with rogue farm animals to unexpected acts of kindness, these small town stories are sure to both warm your heart and make you chuckle. Some of them may even make you want to leave the big city behind!

1. Who says nothing ever happens in small towns?

byu/official_biz from discussion

Move over, Groundhog Day. This town has a new way to predict spring: wait for the deer to find the first grass of the season!

2. Sometimes, small town crimes aren’t exactly what you’d expect…

byu/JesusSwallows from discussion

While there are definitely some perks to living in a slow-paced, rural community, you still have to worry about turkeys forming gangs. Good thing the police stepped in when they did!

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