French Speaking People Try To Pronounce Some Words In English And It Leads To Hilarity.

French people attempting to speak English. Image has five panels showing the five volunteers in this social experiment.

Have you ever tried to learn a different language? If so, you know that some pronunciations can be problematic. In Spanish and Latin-based languages, the “R” sound is typically r-r-rolled. In Arabic, there are several similar words that all have different meanings. A slip of the tongue can be catastrophic to a conversation. You will certainly understand the difficulty these French-speaking people had when attempting to pronounce some common words in English.


The first new word for the day is “hedgehog.” Adding syllables, the first respondent tries “Hedge A Hug.” Working through several volunteers, we hear, “hen-guho,” “Edgehog,” and “Heguh hog” before finally getting one person to say the word correctly.

French speakers can't pronounce Hedgehog. Image shows a juvenile hedgehog held on the palm of the right hand of a human.
Image from Wikimedia Commons.

As you watch, it just keeps getting more hilarious. The second word is “Squirrel.” Some of the volunteers show visible disdain about the word choices. “Square friend” is our favorite mispronunciation. There are a few bleeped-out naughty words here and there as the hearty volunteers continue their lessons.

French speakers can't pronounce Squirrel. Image of a North American squirrel perched on a branch eating a nut.
Image from Wikimedia Commons.

The fun continues as the next word is announced. It seems the responses, in between laughter, are getting more outrageous with the word, “Jeweler.” The final word is a hum-dinger and we won’t spoil your fun. Watch the video for yourself!

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