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10 Of The Most Smile-Worthy Videos We Found This Week, July 20-27, 2023

men dropping wedding cake and two men posing with King's Guard

10 Of The Most Smile-Worthy Videos We Found This Week, July 20-27, 2023

If there’s one subreddit that never fails to brighten our days, it has to be r/MadeMeSmile. More than 8 million members subscribe to this forum for mood-boosting, positive videos and memes. This is one of the places where viral moments are born, and it almost always delivers on its promise to make us smile.

This week, the top posts ran the gamut between heartwarming and hilarious. There’s video of a groom’s calm reaction defusing a stressful moment, an adorably-narrated video about a cat who claimed a restaurant for his own, two more delightful animal stories, and more. Best of all, each video is short, sweet, and infinitely smile-inducing!

1. This groom reminds everyone that it’s not what happens to us, it’s how we react that matters.

They accidentally dropped their wedding cake, but her husband’s reaction confirms she’s got a good one.
by u/mindyour in MadeMeSmile

2. This pup’s not sure what they just did, but they want to come inside!

The dog got out and wanted back in.
by u/mindyour in MadeMeSmile

3. Real-life “Barbie” Margot Robbie stopped everything to speak to a fan in sign language.

Posts from the mademesmile
community on Reddit

4. Watch where you step! Jesse the cat picked a spot on the floor in the middle of a busy restaurant… and no one can make him leave. Come for the story, stay for the adorable narration!

Posts from the mademesmile
community on Reddit

5. “My 7-year-old nephew has started texting my husband and me.” Aw!

6. Watch this kind King’s Guardsman break protocol for a split second so a special needs visitor and his dad could get a good picture.

King’s Guard violates protocol.
by u/Bennet123 in MadeMeSmile

7. Will this video of “Old Biker Dude” fulfill his bucket wish to be YouTube famous? Only time will tell.

Wholesome Old Biker Dude
by u/danstvx in MadeMeSmile

8. They hit the nail on the head: “This is the true definition of love.”

Brotherly Love
by u/Rollo_Tomasi3000 in MadeMeSmile

9. “That’s horrible! Give me some more. Yup, still horrible! Maybe one more taste….”

Still kept going
by u/Skywalker_047 in MadeMeSmile

10. “Free Bird!” Two funny bros rescue an owl found clinging to their boat, 20 miles from dry land.

Two men saves an owl
by u/axlnotfound in MadeMeSmile

Are you smiling yet? We sure are. Wishing you all a wonderful week, month, and year!

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