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85-Yr-Old Italian Grandma’s Attempt At Using New Technology Is So Wholesome.

85-year-old Italian grandmother looks shocked as she laughs. A Google Home device sits at the table in front of her.

New technology can be tricky to learn, no matter your age. For this 85-year-old Italian grandmother, Google Home was particularly hard for her to master. In fact, watching her try to interact with the device was so wholesome, a grandson named Ben Actis decided to capture one of these moments on camera.

In the video, Grandma can be seen trying to activate the device with her adorable accent. Whether or not Google Home understood her was a hit or miss, sending the rest of her family into fits of laughter. When she was able to not only ask about the weather, but get an answer, Grandma was shocked and backed away slowly, feigning fear.

With this question successfully answered, it was time to get Google Home to play music – but not just any music. Her family thought it would be fun to get the device to play one of Grandma’s favorite Italian songs. Let’s just say they didn’t get the results they wanted.

Watch this adorable Grandma use Google Home for the first time in the video below.

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