10 Moldy Unique Pictures Of Fungus That Are As Fascinating As They Are Gross

Two frames showing mold growth on unidentified food items.

Have you ever left something in the fridge for so long that it worked its way to the back, and you forgot it was there? When you decide to clean out the fridge, you find it and can no longer remember what it was in its past life. We have probably all done that a time or two. Identifying mold growing on food can be fun, interesting, and disgusting.


From fuzzy things that resemble lost puppies to googly eyes staring at you, mold takes on many forms. We took a look at it from a completely artistic point of view. Our focus was on the aesthetic appearance and abstract beauty that can be produced when you neglect to eat the leftovers.

1. A Mosaic In Mold Or A Tiny Little Garden?

The blast of colors from this mold sample is astonishing! We have no clue what it was, or how it gained its beauty. We don’t think it’s Maybelline, though.

Colorful mold growing growing in an unknown food item.
Image from Reddit.

2. Who Ate All The Marshmallows?

When you get to the bottom of the Lucky Charms, you should have a few leftover marshmallows. We save the best for last, right? I don’t think this was a really great way to start the day.

Not So Lucky Charms?
byu/Cr0wnin inMoldlyInteresting

3. SPAM, SPAM, SPAM, Wonderful SPAM!

SPAM luncheon meat is supposed to be shelf-stable. It has enough preservatives in it to last for years. Monty Python sang about the gloriousness of SPAM in a popular parody song. Apparently, it doesn’t last forever, though, as this fuzzy specimen shows us. It almost looks like a tribble.

This mold growing on some SPAM
byu/Manrida inMoldlyInteresting

4. Snowy Landscape Scene (Formerly Known As Some Rice)

We found an absolutely stunning landscape scene. The original poster thinks it might have been a rice dish. We’re selling it as a snowy landscape; you can’t change our minds!

Mold growing in what used to a rice dish.
Image from Reddit.

5. You’re Supposed To Take The Food Out Of The Air Fryer.

It looks like these might have been pancakes at one time. While we can’t be sure, they are definitely beyond the edible stage. It might be time to cut your losses and buy a new air fryer.

Forgotten Airfryer
byu/extranaiveoliveoil inMoldlyInteresting

6. Mold Isn’t Just Growing On Your Food. It’s In Your Back Yard Too.

While not exactly mold, mushrooms are a fungus, and both are in the fungi family. We found a sweet timelapse of ‘shrooms growing in the wild. It was just too awesome not to share!

Time-lapse of Fungi Growth
byu/ukayukay69 inBeAmazed

7. This Grape Sprouted A Little Birdie!

This one almost looks like a tiny bird busting its way out of a purple eggshell! He looks positively kissable!

Concord grape
byu/ManiTober inMoldlyInteresting

8. Can We Still Make Some Lemonade?

It’s good to keep fruits around the house! They normally last longer than three days with room temperature storage. We’re guessing these lemons might have been having an existential crisis.

I bought these lemons 3 days ago and they were fine 😑
byu/dangernoodle11 inMoldlyInteresting

9. Cottage Cheese Is Made From Curdled Milk, But It Shouldn’t Look Like THAT!

We’re not sure how long this got forgotten in the fridge, but it seems to be a long time. It almost looks like normal cottage cheese with a few raisins and nuts. Is that a Red Hot?

forgotten cottage cheese
byu/Feisty_Vermicelli728 inMoldlyInteresting

10. Twinkies Were Supposed To Be The Forever Food!

This one made us sad. Like SPAM, Twinkies were supposed to be the thing that outlived everything at the end of days. Knowing that a Twinkie is subject to mold just ruined my whole day!

just found this in my twinkie, is it mold or something else
byu/HighPriceAisle inMoldlyInteresting

I was hungry when I started this foray into the world of mold and fungi. Not so much anymore. We found these wonderful samples of delectable items on Reddit under Moldly Interesting. We want to leave you with one final post just because it’s adorable.

Sorry I just had to 🥰
byu/_derDere_ inMoldlyInteresting

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here and here.

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