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10 Hysterical Times “Kid Logic” Didn’t Quite Add Up

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They say the human brain isn’t fully developed until somewhere around age 25. When we’re kids, we’re all just trying to make sense of the weird and wild world around us.

Our explanations feel like they make a lot of sense when we’re a kid. The Internet has taken to calling this “kid logic.” We don’t see the full story, so we’re parsing together ideas to understand what is going on in the world. Here are 10 hilarious examples of “kid logic” at play!

1. “I thought that every time I played with a toy the person who bought it for me would get money. I used to try and play with all my toys equally so everyone would get the same amount of money.”


2. “When I saw a character die in a movie I thought the actor sacrificed themselves and died in real life for the sake of the film.”

3. “I genuinely thought you could hear the actual ocean anywhere you wanted by listening to a sea shell.”


4. “I thought wearing green during day time gave us extra energy since plants are green and make energy that way. I even wore green clothes every time there was a sports event assuming it made me faster and stronger. Now I realize chlorophyll is different from green dye and it’s an entirely different concept of biochemistry.”

5. “I thought hamburgers were called hand-burgers. Since you eat them with your hands.”


6. “I thought that Gatorade was made by squeezing the juice out of alligators. It was so disgusting I couldn’t comprehend anyone wanting to drink it.”

7. “I thought if it was raining, it was raining all over the world.”


8. “I was raised catholic and went to catholic school, and until I was about 10 years old, I thought there were only two religions: catholic and public.”

9. “I thought when you got to the age where you had to have a job, you got a letter in the mail that told you what your job was. I was terrified my job would be to sit in the underground room where the streetlight switches were. I didn’t want to watch traffic through the periscope and flip the switch at the wrong time causing an accident.”


10. “When I was really young, I used to think people had different accents because the air in their country made their voice that way.”

I grew up in Michigan, and I was sure that “up north” meant in the clouds. I thought it was very cool that all my friends had cabins up there!

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