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10 Fearless Nurses Who Always Go Above And Beyond The Call Of Duty

This year more than ever, we’re grateful for the health care heroes who constantly sacrifice their own safety to help others.

It truly seems like nurses are made from a special bolt of cloth, doesn’t it? Their selflessness, bravery, and integrity knows no bounds, so we are honored to celebrate them on this wonderful International Nurses Day!

1. Critical care nurse sings breathtaking cover of “Rise Up” to lift coworkers’ spirits.

Hannah Gingell was training as a nurse at the height of the novel coronavirus pandemic when she decided to honor her hardworking colleagues with a song. She chose “Rise Up” by Andra Day, and the song definitely lifted people up.

2. When COVID-19 struck, this nurse stepped up to prove what she is capable of.

Andrea Dalzell had never seen a nurse in a wheelchair before, so she decided to become one! After going through 33 surgeries for her own genetic condition, Andrea knew she wanted to help others like they’d helped her.

3. Nurse sings beautiful duet with teen battling brain cancer.

Molly Oldham dreams of becoming a Broadway star, but cancer sidelined her briefly in 2019. While she was recovering in the hospital, a nurse stopped by for a quick duet… and they wound up going seriously viral!

4. Sick 1-year-old has a new kidney thanks to selfless nurse with a huge heart.

Taylor Pikkarainen didn’t hesitate to offer up one of her healthy kidneys to an infant named Bodie when he needed a transplant. Taylor was working out of state to help out struggling health care workers in another city during COVID-19, but as soon as the coast was clear, she rushed back home to give Bodie the ultimate gift.

5. Texas nurse designs new face covering that is more effective than N95 masks.

Hospital administrator Tommye Austin was appalled when a shortage of personal protective equipment left staff members vulnerable to the novel coronavirus. Unable to get N95 masks, the industrious nurse sat down at her sewing machine and came up with a design that filters out 96.5 percent of airborne particles.

6. Doctors said this baby wouldn’t survive, but he just asked his nurse to take his senior pictures.

Eighteen years ago, hospice nurse Michelle Linn spent hours praying that her patient, Braden West, would make it through the night. Her prayers were clearly answered! When Braden graduated from high school, he insisted his angel nurse join him for some of his senior pictures.

7. Nurse fulfills promise to dying mom by showing up at her daughter’s graduation.

Sevala Habibovic was dying, and her greatest concern was leaving her family behind. After she explained that she was most worried about her youngest daughter, nurse Sanja Josipovic vowed to be there for the young woman no matter what. Years later, she stayed true to her promise.

8. Nurse steps in to care for blind veteran’s dog while he’s in the hospital.

Joe Tasby is a blind Vietnam veteran who is joined at the hip with his guide dog named Cupid. When Joe had to enter the hospital, a kind nurse named Barbara Borbeck stepped in to care not just for Joe, but for Cupid, too!

9. Nurse springs into action when veteran collapses in middle of wreath-laying ceremony.

Hollyanne Milley seems to save lives wherever she goes. She and her husband were attending a wreath-laying ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery when she saw a man collapse nearby. Without missing a beat, the nurse rushed to begin chest compressions and brought him back from the brink of death.

10. From custodian to nurse practitioner: one woman’s inspiring path to success.

In just five years’ time, Jaines Andrades went from cleaning the hospital’s floors as a custodian to helping patients as a registered nurse. She did it all through hard work – and plenty of overtime!

Our hats are off to nurses all over the world! Thank you for helping us lead better, healthier lives every day.

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