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Nurse Steps In To Care For Blind Veteran’s Dog While He’s In Hospital.

Nurses make it their mission to care for everyone who crosses their path, but some take the love to a whole new level.

Joe Tasby is a blind Vietnam veteran, who never leaves the house without his trusty guide dog, a yellow lab named Cupid. So when he had a medical issue in early March, he was admitted to Southern Hills Hospital in Las Vegas with Cupid at his side.


Since Joe had to rest, his daughter Tiffani came to the hospital every day to feed Cupid and take him on a walk. But when the novel coronavirus put everyone there in lockdown to protect the vulnerable patients, Tiffani was no longer able to visit.

Unfortunately, that meant Cupid was stuck inside, leaving Joe feeling panicked and trapped because he couldn’t care for his best friend. That’s when nurse Barbara Borbeck stepped in! Without being asked, she started meeting the pup’s daily needs.

“She came in first thing every morning and took him for a walk all around the hospital as she did her rounds, made sure he got outside to get some fresh air and exercise,” Joe said. “She made sure he had food and treats. Everything he needed, she took care of.”


While Cupid didn’t know Barbara, the two of them bonded quickly. Soon, Cupid would jump for joy whenever he saw his new friend, which comforted Joe. He said Cupid always knows if a person is good or bad, and Barbara passed the doggy test with flying colors!

Even better, she found a way to comfort other struggling patients with Cupid’s help. Since the hospital’s usual therapy and comfort dogs aren’t able to stop by, she and Cupid got to work making everyone smile!

And that’s not all! When Cupid’s special food ran out, Barbara went to nine different stores to find him the right kind. In the end, she had to drive 40 minutes to achieve her goal, but it was all in a day’s work for this amazing human!


After three weeks, Joe was finally cleared to go home. He and Cupid couldn’t wait to go back to normal, but they will never forget the nurse who supported them!

“I left there thinking, ‘I have to find some kind of way to show this lady how much I appreciate what she has done for us through a difficult time,”Joe said. “It’s fortunate when you meet somebody who is in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing. And that is Barbara.â€

Of course, the hero said she doesn’t want a reward. Just knowing she helped Joe and Cupid is more than enough!


This is the kind of selflessness the world needs right now. Thank you, Barbara, for everything you do!

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