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Creative 15-Yr-Old Turns Love For Cleaning Into Celebrity Car Washing Business.

15 year old boy looking up and smiling while sitting on a chair outside as he holds a car buffer and sits near a black vehicle

One of the many struggles of parenting includes teaching your child not only how to clean up after themselves, but also how to find the motivation to do so on their own.

Joann Ditchett didn’t have that problem. At least not with her son Zykiah. Ever since he was little, he’s had a fascination with cleaning anything and everything.

“I would buy him Hoovers, little cleaning kits when he was 6, 7, 8,” Joann said.

As Zykiah grew up, his love for cleaning persisted, and at 13 years old, he was diagnosed with obsessive-compulsive disorder. The diagnosis was life-changing, but Joann was confident that her son could turn it into something positive.

Around that same time, Zykiah began washing cars. Initially, his offer was only extended to family members, but soon after he branched out to neighbors, too. Things really picked up when Joann posted about her son’s services in a local residents’ group. Before they knew it, a long line of cars formed outside of their house… including celebrity vehicles.

That’s right, this 13-year-old from Manchester with a love of cleaning started to catch the attention of well-known superstars! He quickly made his business official with the name “Dirt 2 Clean,” and ever since then, his client list has grown to include Molly-Mae Hague from “Love Island,” boxer Tommy Fury, football player Scott McTominay, and English football pundit Gary Neville.

Because OCD can be such a debilitating condition, Zykiah’s now 2-year-old business is all the more significant.

“We are pleased that Zykiah found his diagnosis of OCD to be a catalyst to starting a successful business,” a spokesman for OCD Action said. “However, we know that for the majority of people who live with OCD, it is a debilitating condition which can cause huge distress. It is also important to know that OCD can get better with the right treatment and support, and we would encourage anybody who is struggling to seek this.”

For Zykiah, support includes his car washing business. For some, it would simply be a side hustle, but for this 15-year-old, it has been incredibly therapeutic.

“I realized it was something I really loved doing,” he said. “I thought I would start a business and I thought it would just be family and friends’ cars at the weekends. It was mad. I got one famous car and it went from there.”

We wish Zykiah all the best as he continues to balance school with his love for washing cars! Don’t forget to share this story with a friend to brighten their day.

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