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Dancers Take AGT Crowd On Egyptian Adventure With Showstopping Routine.

The Austrian acrobatics and dance troupe Zurcaroh has gifted the world with another breathtaking, showstopping performance.

Zurcaroh is an acrobatic show group based in Götzis, Austria that features 48 incredible athletes ranging in age from 7 to 40 years old. Lead by Brazilian choreographer Peterson da Cruz Hora, the troupe has been astounding United States audiences by competing on “America’s Got Talent,” and their performance in the show’s semifinals was possibly their most ornate experience yet.

Zurcaroh America's Got Talent

With a dramatic golden pillared display setting the scene behind them, dozens of brightly-clad dancers appeared on the stage. What comes next is nothing short of gorgeous, as the lighting, costumes, and amazing feats of athleticism and talent combine to create an Egyptian-themed spectacle that won’t be soon forgotten.


As is their usual style, each dance move is perfectly synchronized, with dozens of dancers moving as one fluid entity. While the dancers on the stage flow together like birds in a flock, above them tiny acrobats fly from hand to hand, eventually plummeting 20 feet down into the waiting arms of their company.


The acrobats are not only extremely flexible, but they seemingly have no fear of falling. They’ve clearly rehearsed these dangerous moves so many times, and have so much confidence and faith in their fellow performers, that these death-defying acts seem like second nature to them.


All four AGT judges have expressed their fondness for Zurcaroh previously, but host Tyra Banks was the one to hit the Golden Buzzer for the troupe during the show’s auditions.  Simon Cowell couldn’t wait to heap on the praise for the jaw-dropping performance, focusing particularly on director Petereson da Cruz Hora, whom he called “the greatest showman on earth!”


As if this compliment wasn’t already out of this world, Simon continued, “I never dreamt in my wildest dreams, years ago when we first started, that we would find talent like this, and now we have. You’ve made all of our dreams come true, you’re an absolute sensation.”

Heidi Klum and Mel B. were blown away as well, with Heidi rightly calling their performance and “epic grand spectacle.” Howie Mandel kept things simple, telling the crowd that they’d clearly “saved the best for last.”

Although the judges all weighed in with their thoughts, the decision of whether or not Zurcaroh moves on to the final round remains in hands of the voting public. We would find it hard to believe if they didn’t make the cut — they’re outstanding!

Check out Zurcaroh’s fantastic flying routine in the video below, and don’t forget to share!

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