“You’re Gonna Be Great.” Tom Brady Surprises 10-Yr-Old Cancer Survivor With Best Gift Ever.

Tom Brady surprises Noah Reeb with Super Bowl tickets

Noah Reeb loves two things: flashy cars and football.


The 10-year-old from Highland, Utah was diagnosed with a brain tumor last year. He went through surgery, chemotherapy, and several rounds of radiation. It was a difficult time, and Noah would sometimes become overwhelmed with sadness and fear as he bravely went through with his treatments.

“It’s like every mom’s worse nightmare, and then instantly you want to protect him and you don’t know what to do, so you just rely on faith from that point on,”said Noah’s mom, Jacque Reeb. “Faith and trust in God that whatever is going to happen is for a reason.”

On one of Noah’s darkest days, help arrived in the form of a video message on Jacque’s phone. The family had appealed to Noah’s favorite NFL player, Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ quarterback Tom Brady, who often sends out video messages to fans who are going through tough times. Noah and Jacque were sitting in the car crying when her phone pinged, and suddenly Noah’s hero appeared on screen.

“Hey Noah, I just wanted to let you know that I’m thinking about you,” Tom said in the video. “I know you’re one of my biggest fans in Utah, and I know you’ve got a great family that loves you and support from your mom and dad and your siblings, and I just want to let you know I’m thinking about you, I’m with you, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family, and hang tough. You’re gonna be great, I know it, and get well soon. Take care.”

Noah and his mom started laughing and crying together, and Noah returned to the video many times as he continued his therapies.

“I’d always watch that video just like, to remind me of like, Tom Brady thinks I can beat cancer, so I guess I can beat cancer,” he recalled.

A few months later, Noah officially beat his cancer! His parents rewarded him with a trip to Florida to see Tom and the Bucs play, and Noah made a special sign in hopes of getting Tom’s attention. It worked! Instead of merely waving from the bench, Tom ran over to Noah, gave him a hat, and shook his hand. Noah was over the moon!

The story might have ended there, but on New Year’s Eve Tom surprised Noah one more time. During a video conference call with the family, Tom gave Noah tickets to this year’s Super Bowl in Los Angeles, California!

“But earlier, you held up that sign that said I helped you beat brain cancer,” Tom told Noah. “Well, listen, your fight, you’ve inspired so many people – including myself, but millions of others also. The NFL and the Bucs look forward to sending deserving fans to the Super Bowl each year, and fans that have incredible stories like the one you’ve had. So as a thank you, I worked with both the Bucs and the NFL to get you and your family Super Bowl tickets this year in L.A.!â€

Tom Brady

Now that’s a sweet reward for this tough kiddo! Pro athletes have the power to inspire and motivate their fans to overcome whatever hurdle is in their path. It’s nice to see someone like Tom take the time to use that power to help a child when he needs it the most.

Have fun at the game, Noah! Don’t forget to share this story.

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