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Meet Woody, An Adorable Rescue Fox Who Loves To Smile.

Yaroslav never intended to bring a fox home, but fate had other plans when Woody came into his life in 2015. The pup was being raised on a fur farm, and Yaroslav was determined not to let anything happen to him. He offered to buy Woody from the farm owners, and thankfully, they agreed.

These days, the happy fox is living his best life with Yaroslav. He loves playing outside and getting treats and will take a belly rub any chance he can get. Here are 10 heartwarming pictures of Woody enjoying each and every moment with his favorite human!

1. Woody likes to play in the water and go for swims. He doesn’t even mind being on a leash while he does it!

2. Obviously, the snow is his happy place. Just look at the joy on his face.

3. Snuggling with a human isn’t strange to him at all, especially when it comes to this human, who took him in and made him family.

4. Even as a baby, Woody loved playing outside and never minded having his picture taken.

5. Just like any other pet, Woody has his own bed at home. In fact, he even has his own little house!

6. Woody is not above being bribed with treats. Whether or not he’ll roll over or shake hands is a mystery though.

7. For this adorable fox, nothing beats feeling the warm sun on his face. Feeling it while he’s frolicking in a meadow also doesn’t hurt!

8. Who wants to go for a ride? Woody, obviously.

9. He understands the glory of taking a quick rest in a field of flowers.

10. Woody lives every day knowing there’s nothing quite like a good belly rub.

How cute is this little guy? We’re so glad Yaroslav kept him safe all those years ago so Woody could live the life he deserves!

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